Smart solutions for educational institutions

Documents and Data Are Central to Nearly Every Business Process.

For regional and national enterprises, the direct costs (systems, software, consumables) and indirect costs (time, productivity, security) represent a significant part of overall operating costs – and often an under-appreciated one.

Kyocera helps enterprise-scale companies across industries manage the document-driven and data-driven process of their businesses more efficiently and cost-effectively. We provide comprehensive Business Process Optimization and Document Architecture solutions that in most cases both improve productivity and lower expenses.

Business Process Optimization

Streamline the document-driven and data-driven process required to run your organization

  • Enterprise Content Management

  • Managed IT Services

  • Mobile & Cloud Solutions

  • Document & Data Security; Encryption

High-Performance, Cost-Effective Document Architecture

Advanced multifunction systems that are scalable and customizable

  • Simplified scanning and routing solutions

  • Integrate with many of the most popular DMS packages

  • Mobile-print-ready & WiFi-enabled